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Benefits of Switching Your Toothpaste Now and Again
Toothpaste can be one of the more boring parts of brushing your teeth. Once you find a flavor that works, it is easy to just stick with it so you do not need to put any thought to buying more. However, by simply swapping out the toothpaste you use, it could help improve your oral health. If you are not sure how this could help, let us explain.

Changing Toothpaste Helps You Pay Attention

Your toothpaste does not have to be mundane. In fact, it can be far more flavor possibilities than you may realize. You may only think about mint, but even just in the mint family there are several options. There are cinnamint, peppermint, wintergreen, and spearmint. However, outside of the mint family, you have several flavor options, including coffee, jasmine, chocolate, frosting, and bacon. Not only do these options allow you to have more fun, they also increase your awareness. When you change up the flavor, the experience is different. You feel around your mouth to take in the flavor and often brush with more attention. You get into different spots more effectively than when brushing has become too routine.

One simple switch of flavors could allow you to brush better than you have overall in a while. Instead of being bored with your dental routine, take a few minutes to look around the toothpaste aisle. You may just find a fun flavor of toothpaste that makes your four minutes of brushing each day just a little more pleasant.

Do You Have to Brush a Crown Differently?
When you get a dental crown, it is important that you take care of it. It was put into your mouth to help protect a tooth, and now you need to take care of it so it can do its job. You need to brush it just as well as you do the rest of the teeth in your mouth. Plus, you need to make sure to floss around it. While the crown is not going to rot like a tooth would if you do not take care of it, the tooth beneath the crown is more susceptible to damage because you would not be able to tell if anything got beneath the cement.

How Soft Food Diets Can Harm Your Jaw
Your jawbone is just like every other bone in your body. The more you use it, the stronger it is. When you do not use your bones enough, they slowly deteriorate. When it comes to your jaw, it gets used when you chew up your food. If you only eat soft foods, you minimally use your jaw. This means that it is more likely to begin the resorption process. This is when it weakens and becomes more likely to cause lost teeth. In order to avoid this, you need to make sure that you also mix harder foods into your diet. This should include lean meats, or in cases of those who opt for a vegetarian diet, hearty produce and nuts are a great option as well.


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