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Foods to Eat Regularly for Healthier Teeth
To maintain optimum oral hygiene, it is recommended that you visit us on a regular basis, apart from brushing and flossing. However, you could also include foods in your diet that can help your teeth get healthier. If you are not sure where to start, then here are a few teeth-friendly foods that look promising:

Cranberries - Cranberries are known to keep plaque away from your teeth and lower the risk of cavities because of polyphenols that are highly beneficial for the teeth. Since they don't have any added sugar, they benefit your mouth even more by lowering the bacterial content. They make a great snack so it's highly recommended to include it in your diet whenever possible.

Milk - Milk has high calcium content which is great for the teeth. We highly recommend drinking a glass of milk a day because it helps to neutralize some of the acid produced by bacteria causing plaque. Drinking a glass of milk after a sweet dessert is a great way to keep your teeth healthy.

Sugar-free gum - If you want to have white teeth with no food particles stuck to them after every meal then you may want to chew on some sugar-free gum.

Vitamin rich foods - Food with high calcium and phosphate content are great for your teeth. Make sure to include a lot of cheese, almonds, leafy greens along with meat, eggs and fish in your diet to keep those teeth strong and healthy.

Maintaining good oral hygiene doesn't require a lot of effort. Feel free to give us a call in case you have some questions about what's healthy and what's not for your teeth.

Importance of Daily Flossing
In case you've been ignoring the dental floss, it's time for you to get flossing regularly because of the following reasons.

White Healthier Teeth
When you floss on a daily basis, you manage to take out the finest food particles that could result in the accumulation of plaque. It also helps to prevent gum diseases and staining of the teeth.

Healthy Body
Flossing isn't just about your teeth and gums; it's about keeping your entire system healthy. People who floss on a regular basis are at a lesser risk of suffering from gingivitis or periodontal diseases. These diseases could result in heart problems or respiratory diseases.

In case you suspect you have dental issues or you have questions about flossing, visit us and our professionals will be glad to assist you.

Bottled Water May Result in More Cavities
In case you are wondering whether or not your tooth could decay from drinking bottled water, then let's clear one thing up. Water cannot cause your tooth to decay, however lack of fluoride may. Bottled water does not contain fluoride, which is why a number of children drinking bottled water end up having tooth decay. While fluoride is a common ingredient found in adult toothpaste, it's usually skipped when making children's toothpaste.

There are a number of foods that have fluoride content in them so you could always include fluoride rich content in your diet and prevent cavities. In case you suspect anyone in your family having cavities, contact our office and our team will check them.


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