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Dangers Associated with Continuing to Chew on a Cracked Tooth
Your tooth could crack due to several reasons such as a fall, a heavy impact, or trying to chew something that was just too hard. Oftentimes people believe that a small crack in the tooth isn't really going to hurt much, especially if it isn't painful. Unfortunately, this is a major mistake.

Leaving a cracked tooth exposed increases the chances of the tooth becoming weaker every single day. The longer the crack is left unattended, the wider it will get and over time it will destroy the root of your tooth completely. A cracked tooth can also lead to tooth sensitivity, which is a major problem and can become quite severe over time.

Our teeth are protected by enamel and when there is a crack, the enamel is compromised. This enamel protects the tooth from damage and decay and it also prevents bacteria from sticking to it, or penetrating the rest of the tooth. When your tooth is cracked, it is left exposed and vulnerable to bacteria and this increases the chances of a cavity or tooth decay. When left unattended it can also result in periodontal diseases.

Periodontal diseases are extremely difficult to treat and you will have to visit us multiple times before your mouth is free from infection and your oral health improves. The infection could also spread to your neighboring teeth and apart from risking the tooth in question you also risk losing the neighboring teeth. This eventually snowballs into multiple dental problems that could be difficult and expensive to treat.

Your Cholesterol Also Impacts Your Oral Health
People don't often associate dental health with heart conditions, however, people who suffer from periodontal diseases are at a higher risk of suffering from heart-related problems and strokes. This condition gets even worse with high cholesterol levels and this is why it's important that people with high cholesterol to really pay attention to their oral health.

Periodontal diseases are caused by bacteria, plain and simple. When bacteria enter the bloodstream, it can pose a serious threat to your heart as well as other parts of your body. Whether you suffer from high cholesterol levels or not, maintaining good oral hygiene is extremely important for everyone. Periodontal diseases take a long time to treat and patients with medical conditions could be at a higher risk of multiple complications. Remember, the best defense is a good offense, so attack those germs and bacteria by brushing and flossing regularly!

Google Cannot Diagnose a Dental Condition - Only We Can
Technology has made life easier, and with a few keystrokes, we can look up our symptoms on Google. While this may seem convenient and you may believe that you can self-medicate to get better, it seldom works, especially with dental problems.

For example, if you do have a toothache, home remedies may help you find temporary relief from the problem, but it's not something that will solve it long-term. After all, Google cannot treat the source of infection or replace a missing tooth. You need dental experts for that and that's why we are here. Ignoring a dental problem and relying on a short-term internet solution will only make matters worse.

It's okay to do some research to help you better understand your dental health, but searching online can't treat a dental health problem fully. Instead, use an online search to find the quickest route to our office or to find our number to schedule an appointment.


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