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Middle Creek Dental April 2023 Newsletter
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Welcome to Middle Creek Dental! Your bright, healthy smile is our top priority.
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I've Been Using Dentures, When Do I Know it's Time to Replace Them?
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Dentures do not last a lifetime. At some point, you will have to replace them since they wear out or become damaged. Typically, dentures have to be replaced after about seven to 10 years of usage.

There are signs that would signal it's time for you to get a new pair of your dentures. For example, the dentures may start to feel loose or fall out, you may notice that you are having difficulties speaking clearly, the dentures you are wearing may start to cause discomfort or even harm your gum tissue, or the dentures are discolored or damaged.

A great set of dentures remains firmly in place while you speak and chew. The tight fit of the prosthesis should be adequate to ensure they remain in place when carrying out your day-to-day activities. If, however, you are noticing looseness or falling out of the dentures, then they need adjusting or replacing altogether.

A loose fit of the dentures may also make it challenging to speak. You may discover that you are sounding slushy or you are slurring your words. Dentures that are causing sores, lesions, and other issues with your gum health may need replacement, especially if you are noticing pain while chewing or biting. The same applies to cracked, broken, or damaged dentures.

Visit us to get your new set of dentures if the ones you have are outdated or have signs of needing replacement.

My Gums Are Swollen Around One Tooth, What Could it Be?
If your gums are swollen around one tooth, in the majority of cases, it is usually an infection. Dentists call it an abscessed tooth. The infection can cause intense pain and if it's not treated, the infection can easily spread, causing more serious problems.

A tooth abscess occurs when a cavity goes untreated, allowing the inner pulp tissue to get infected. It is likely for the infection to further spread into the gums around the tooth, in which case, it creates an abscess.

Talk to our dentist regarding your gum problems or even cavities to get examined and receive treatment in time before more damage is done.

Do Sore Gums Get Better on Their Own?
History of Gum Disease or Failing Teeth You need a Periodontal Prosthodontist
In most cases, sore gums will heal by themselves if you maintain proper oral hygiene, however, if you encounter additional symptoms appearing alongside the sore gums, it is always best to seek a dentist's help.

Sore gums can indicate a much bigger problem. However, if the soreness does not go on for more few days, it might be something simple such as a canker sore or a reaction or response to your hormonal changes. If the gums are bleeding or swollen, it could be gum disease. If you have pain while chewing or the teeth are loose, it could also indicate the presence of gum disease. Try a saltwater rinse, over-the-counter medication for relieving pain, or use a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Contact our dentist for your gum and teeth health.

Welcome to Middle Creek Dental! Your bright, healthy smile is our top priority.

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