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Welcome to Middle Creek Dental! Your bright, healthy smile is our top priority.
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“Laughing Gas” As Your Kid’s Preferred Anesthesia
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You have most likely heard about laughing gas. It is a form of sedation that dentists administer to help patients remain calm, relaxed, and comfortable during a dental procedure. Parents needing to get their kids in for a dental procedure, such as extraction or scaling and planing, often ask what sedation or anesthesia best works for their child.

Many dental professionals will agree that nitrous oxide, often nicknamed "laughing gas," is considered one of the best choices for numbing children's mouths during dental procedures. But why do dentists and oral surgeons prefer using this sedation?

First, the anesthesia induces a sense of well-being in a child. It makes a child happy and creates a kind of high or euphoria. You may notice that your child behaves somehow abnormally under this anesthesia. They may laugh and makes funny comments while in the dentist's chair. The child will feel drowsy and very relaxed. In fact, many kids who get this sedation don't remember that they received a dental procedure. This is particularly helpful, considering that many kids tend to have fears of going to the dentist. Therefore, they are able to get the dental procedure they need. This is one way you begin to improve the experience your child has with the dentist. As such, your child will begin to enjoy their dental visits.

Speak to us if you are concerned about sedation dentistry for your child. We will discuss your options and explain to you the best choice for your child.

Do You Still Need to Floss with Dental Sealants?
Often people ask whether they should floss their teeth when they have sealants on their back teeth. Failing to floss may promote decay of teeth and make your regular dental cleanings longer. This is because the tartar that our dentist scrapes away from the teeth during a regular dental cleaning is hardened plaque. If you skip or fail to floss, you allow the soft plaque that is easier to remove, to start hardening. While plaque trapped in between teeth is easily flossed away, on the flip side, tartar cannot be. You will have accumulations continue to increase, meaning a trip to our dental office for cleaning will take you more time to get the job done.

Simply said, whether or not you have sealants on your teeth, you should always floss daily. You cannot substitute flossing with sealants and vice versa. Both are essential to maintain healthy teeth and soft tissue, including the gums.

Talk to us to find out how flossing and the application of sealants can help you.

3 Reasons You Should Ditch The DIY Whitening Technique
Why Professional Teeth Whitening Is the Way to Go
Although whitening toothpaste features controlled abrasion and dentists carry out whitening treatments in a standard setting, using products like activated charcoal can result in heavy abrasion. You damage the enamel, and cavities or decay develop.
Rubbing and applying vinegar and acids from fruits such as lemons and strawberries can create increased surface porosities. As a result, you have increased sensitivity or even pain.

Using DIY whitening products is not proven to offer adequate results. As such, you have to repeat the process over and over again, every time increasing the intensity, concentration of an activated ingredient, or doing the rubbing more. This, is in fact, a dangerous cycle. In the end, you damage your teeth extensively.

So you can see the disservice you are doing to your smile. Talk to us about your teeth whitening needs. We will offer you better solutions to DIY methods.

Welcome to Middle Creek Dental! Your bright, healthy smile is our top priority.

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